Invest In Yourself

You know that girl in the movies that just walks in the room and radiates confidence? She’s not questioning herself or how she looks or what she says; she is just being fully present in the moment. That girl shows up differently to a business meetings, get-togethers, relationships, you name it! Differently. She shows up fully herself and confident in what she has to offer. What if i told you such a seemingly little, shallow thing as our the way we feel about our hair could be the first big step to being ‘that girl’?

Y’all, hear me out. Can you still be a confident, beautiful lady even if you were bald? Of course you could! At the end of the day though, i would say 80% of us are probably going to feel a little less confident on our bad hair days (or no hair days). Whether it be right, wrong, or indifferent, we can harshly judge ourselves(and sometimes others) based on our outward appearance, and it can have a really negative effect on the way we show up to our respective tables.

Is hair an investment? Yes. Whether you are coming in for an extension install of your dream hair or a color makeover on your natural hair, it’s an investment of both your time and your money. I can tell you it is an investment directly in yourself though. I watch women transform in the matter of a few hours everyday in my chair. They become suddenly more self-assured in all the wonderful gifts they have to offer the world. It’s the breath of fresh air they needed to turn around and face the world again; more confident as mothers, wives, girlfriends, entrepreneurs, team members, leaders of their community; themselves. It is a powerful transformation that is my ‘why’ behind doing what i do.

The great thing about investments in yourself is that they will always give you a return. It’s like playing the lottery and knowing you have the winning ticket. If you take anything at all from this post, take permission to invest in yourself. Maybe you’re a nail gal or skin or working out or whatever! If there is something that is an insecurity making you hold back or show up smaller, make an investment in yourself to take a step towards shedding that self-consciousness. I can guarantee you it’s unwarranted, and life will be way fuller without it.

All the blessings until next time,


*If you would like to be a color or extension guest, feel free to fill out the new guest form at the Contact tab or my Extension application.

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