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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hello all! I'm a little behind on my blogging this week, but I hope everyone had a great weekend. My husband and I were pretty relaxed after a busy Saturday. Church on Sunday was about the only time we left the house!

This week in curl bootcamp I gave you all the option to choose what we learned on my social media platforms, and there was and overwhelming majority for some natural curl help! I aim to please, so this week I walked you through what I do to enhance my natural wave pattern.

Now, the great (but also frustrating) thing about natural waves & curls is that every single person's are different. I try to touch on ways to tweak this method in my video, but if you struggle or have a question I didn't cover by all means, reach out! I want everyone to love their natural hair pattern. Our natural hair is such a fun hair outfit to have in our closet of hairstyles. It is also a great way to give your hair a rest from an everyday upstyle or thermal style.

Okay, now to the good part. I've linked the tutorial below so you can learn for yourself! Now, again, keep in mind each head of hair is unique including yours! It might take a couple times to get your wave or curls down to a science the way I have mine, and that's okay! I style my hair like this on a pretty regular basis, and every once in awhile I still have a day when I'm not sure what on Earth my hair is trying to do. Natural wave & curls are perfectly imperfect, so don't get caught up on one piece being 'not quite right' odds are when you're done you won't even notice it!

Well, I hope that helps you all to love your natural hair a little more! Deke enjoyed his cameo immensely so definitely stay tuned for some more 'homemade' videos. It can be frustrating to deal with natural wave or curl in hair, and I just want to make it a little easier for you all. As always, you can message me with any product questions, or to get a custom product recommendation for your specific hair type & curl.

I hope all of your weeks are of to a great start this windy Monday, and I can't wait to bring you another fun tutorial this week. I love my career and am thankful for this little soap box that enables me to share it with all of you. Blessings to you all until next time!

-Hailey J. Herrman

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Instagram- @hairxhaileyherrm

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