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Well, I would say this blog post is just a little overdue! I would definitely not claim that I am a 'blogger' but when I started this website it happened to come with a 'BLOG' tab, so I thought 'why not?' I should have known I would struggle with keeping up. I've always struggled to maintain journals because I don't prioritize the time to stop, slow down, and record my thoughts and happenings in life; because who ever reads them but me? I should've known blogging would not be my strong suit, but here I am continuing on.

I'm going to do my best to keep up with this blogging thing better, but at a minimum you can expect a quarterly blog. Whether it be just something on my heart, what's going on in the studio, or sharing tips and tricks with you; I think it's important to share something of value and a little more personal with y'all. I've also been spurred to write more because I recently started the book 'Rhythms of Renewal' by Rebekah Lyons (highly recommend by the way for my fellow worriers) and one of her 'rhythms' to get into is taking time to record your life, take inventory through writing of what's right, what's wrong, what's confused; just stopping to take it all in and reflect and write it down. So, this is my 'first step'!

I have something pretty exciting to reflect on too; my first quarter in business! You guys, it has been an amazing first quarter! I have been blessed to be busy from day one and really have received nothing but love and support. I've got to see familiar faces as well as meet many new faces and my little professional home is truly feeling like my 'safe haven'. I've definitely learned some lessons and am continuing to navigate being a small business owner, but I'm finding if you are willing to learn and willing to do the work, you will surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish and grow.

Many of you have asked me, "Why Haven?" Well, I chose the name Haven before I ever really knew I was officially going to go out on my own. As I was listening to Podcasts and reading books for small business, something that struck me was how they stressed that your message and your mission should be crystal clear. "Be able to tell people who you are and why you're doing what you're doing." Well, when anyone asks what my favorite part of my job is, I always say and have always felt, that I love the fact that I can change someone's day, attitude, and opinion about themselves through doing their hair. Look good, feel good; right? Well, how do I wrap up the feeling I want to give my guests in a word? The seed for Haven was planted.

It's like a word association game; what do you think of when you think 'haven'? Well, for me, I think of homey, inviting, safe, comfortable, protected, taken care of. I could go on, but you get the idea. The reality of the hair industry is, if I'm being honest, that there are a lot of talented hair stylists out there that could make your hair look top notch. The thing that makes a hair appointment unique is the experience; the feeling; the interaction with your stylist. When my guests think of Haven Hair Studio, I want them to have the warmest feeling; I want to make people excited to come get their hair done; to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. The world is so busy and stressful and sometimes we just need more from a hair appointment than good hair. Can I get an 'amen'?

I hope y'all can feel the heart behind Haven. I truly put so much thought for all of you into my decision making at the studio. This has been a wonderful(and eventful! That's for another post, though) first quarter and I truly have y'all to thank for it. Thanks for making me so happy and fulfilled to come to work everyday. I hope when you walk in for a visit at Haven, you feel fulfilled in more ways than one. Here's to the next quarter and the one after that, and hey, how 'bout a few more? I'm proud of where this business is and where it's headed, and I'm so glad to have you along for the ride.

Blessings always,

Hailey J. Herrman


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